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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Streamline Refinance

Do you have an FHA or VA loan? If the answer is yes we can drop your rate and payment without an appraisal, in many cases.

Even if one of you is not currently working and was working previously this opportunity is available.

As long as you have on time mortgage payments YOU QUALIFY. Isn't life great?

Monday, October 19, 2009

10 Year Mortgage at 4.25%

Short term mortgage rates are still low. We are offering a 10 year fixed rate mortgage at just 4.25% for borrowers with good credit and equity on minimum loan amounts of $125,000. Build equity fast and eliminate your mortgage payment. Just imagine.
apr 4.30%

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Locking Deals

We were locking deals today for customers to insure them of reduced mortgage payments in the future. Many are choosing the 5/1 FHA ARM at 4.375%. This is the rate they will pay for five years and the first adjustment on the sixth year is only 1%. How many times have you refinanced in 6 years? Some people with balances over $250,000 are saving over $300 a month, not to mention tens of thousands of dollars in interest. Don't miss the party. Get your financial house in order today.

Dow Up and Mortgage Rates Up

As the Dow hit 10,000 yesterday the chance of getting a below 5% fixed rate mortgage fizzled for new applicants however those in the closing process who were locked are secure. Cash flowed into stocks and out of bonds and mortgage rates increased.

If you are shopping for a mortgage it is important you return paperwork quickly to your lender or your offer may not be available.

Short term rates are still below 5% as are ARM rates. The 30 year fixed is still at historic lows.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mortgage News You Can Use

What do mortgage lenders require today? Mortgage lenders require the same things they have required for years. For example a two year residence, income history and employment is a goal but not a requirement. A person who will be approved quickly is one with high credit scores, low debt ratios, savings and stability in employment and residence. A more difficult approval would be someone with a high debt ratio or long employment gaps.

A combination of equity, income and assets is the ideal mix for underwriting. You are more likely to be approved with $50,000 in a 401k than $100 in checking. You are more likely to be approved with 10% down than 5%. You are more likely to be approved with 750 credit scores than 650. The best way to position yourself for a fast approval is pay down debt, continue or start a systematic savings plan and pay all your bills before their due dates. This will almost guarantee approval.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mortgage Rates Today

We are offering a 30 year fixed rate mortgage at just 4.875%. today. Call to apply 414-416-9194

An Equal Housing Lender

Apr 4.98%